Manan was born in Zimbabwe in the 60s and is still a displaced African at heart. She moved around a lot as a child and once she left school spent many years travelling and living abroad. She studied photography in South Africa and later worked in the film industry, primarily in the production department, later as a camera assistant and sound assistant. After moving to London in the late 80s she drifted into advertising, where she first cultivated her love of Photoshop.


In 2001 she moved to New Zealand with her Kiwi partner and 2 beautiful daughters, and settled in Pukerua Bay just outside Wellington. She now lives in Eastbourne with her partner Peter and 2 naught dogs have replaced her naughty daughters.


Always restless and looking for a creative challenge, she attended the Learning Connexion in Island Bay. There she discovered a technique where she could combine her love of photography, Photoshop and paint. She spent the next few years painting while doing graphic design work, shooting for pleasure and selling her images through photo libraries. She also developed her love of shooting and editing video which as seen her create music and corporate videos.


To further explore her love of the moving image, Manan bit the bullet and enrolled at the New Zealand Film School in Wellington, where she was immersed in all things cinematic in the year-long course.

If you want to commission a painting or a print of any of the photographs please get in contact.

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